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From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 10:20:52 2002

> Douglas H. Quebbeman wrote:
> > Using a small area of the board where you could correct any damage
> > that this substance might cause, try a little CLR... it's a mixture
> > sold throughout the midwest (U.S.) that dissolves Calcium, Lime, and
> > Rust deposits. Phosphoric acid is one of its components... so be real
> > careful. I've never used it on PC boards before, but it can't be beaten
> > for removing corrosion off metal parts.
> I've thought about picking some CLR up, but don't really have a current
> use for it. You mention that it will remove corrosion, does that include rust?

I use CLR for:

    * cleaning the coffeepot (rinse with vinegar afterward)
    * decalcifying the showerhead
    * removing rust from nuts, bolts, etc. hardware.
    * removing rust stains from the clothes washer
    * making copper pennies be shiny again

As others mention, after you clean rust off metal, it will begin
to rust almost immediately. I usually use a lubricant made by
BG Industries called 'HK' afterward, to prevent corrossion, but
sometimes settle for WD-40.

If you leave ferrous metals in too long, some ionization
process starts to leave a dark film on the parts. It looks
ugly, but so far, those parts don't further rust (but the
dark film looks like corrosion itself though I don't think
it is).


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