cure equiepement that was in the rain... best practices???

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Date: Tue Apr 16 10:47:45 2002

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Re: cure equiepement that was in the rain... best practices???

> I ve this nice question for all of you... what are the best ways to
> cure boxes that were out exposed to the weather for an unknown amount
> of time.

> Last week I managed to get my hands on 2 vaxstations 4000/60, a Cisco
> MGS, a HP Apollo 700 workstation, Sun Sparcstation 20 (WOW), a VAX 4000-300
> and a Panasonic 7330. All have varying degree of dampness 8-((. At the
> moment I have them in house dry and warm... should I stuff them in the oven
> at low temperature and force a drying or best let them settle for some time.

I've seen both done.

A few years back, a tree fell into the back of my garage. The main hole in
the roof was directly over and IBM workstation and its 19" monitor. Many
gallons of water funneled down through that hole and into the monitor. In
addition to the water, there was the the gravel off the roof shingles as
well as small pieces of tree branches, leaves, and bark that got into the
monitor. Since the priority was the garage, the machine and monitor got
moved to the barn where they sat for almost a year. That meant they went
through a fall, winter and spring before I dealt with them again. Since the
insurance covered the workstation, I decided to just not mess with it. With
full knowledge of what had happened, a friend of mine said he would like
to have it. I gave it to him and after a little clean up he gave it the
'magic smoke' test. AFAIK, he is still using the machine.

OTOH, I used to work for a Federal agency and they had a supply depot & repair
facility. I toured it once and watched them dunk a 100 watt UHF tube type
transmitter into a tank of cleaning solution. They then put it into a
huge oven for a period of time. I have no idea for how long nor at what
temperature, but the units went back out into the field and worked fine.

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