Explain the NeXTStation "dim monitor" problem, etc...

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Tue Apr 16 10:59:52 2002

Ok, I've got my NeXTStation working, but I'm in need of some

First off -- can somebody explain the common problem with the
monitors going dim? Can I fix it? (How?) Is there an internal
"intensity" pot that I can adjust to get more life out of the
monitor? It is just bright enough not to strain your eyes at
the highest brightness setting right now... (It's B&W)

Next, can anyone tell me why, after booting into single user mode,
and changing the root password with 'nu -m' I might still be
refused a login next time I boot?

I was able to get in once yesterday, after which I tried this morning
and was refused. I booted to single user mode again -- looked at the
current password hash, changed the password again (the hash turned out
different, but I'm not sure that means much really, and could just be
different "salt"), booted again normally, and still couldn't get in.

So... is there a possibility that either:

A) It's getting another password from somewhere and overwriting the
one I put in? (I hope not.. :)


B) Something's not starting right during boot right now, and it needs
this to log people into the system? (More likely, I think...)

It does still want to connect to the network, and complains about not
being able to talk to several machines when it boots. I'm not sure
whether this would make a difference, or how I would convince it not to
do this. :) Any suggestions?


Christopher Smith, Perl Developer
Amdocs - Champaign, IL

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