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From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 11:15:27 2002

On April 16, Christopher Smith wrote:
> > Jesus. And people wonder why women have a hard time in the industry.
> Um, I think this is getting pretty bad. On the other hand, I don't
> know (nor have I any idea whether anyone does) the target of all of
> this jest well enough to predict whether she'd have a problem with it.
> That said -- I will assume that "the industry" is on topic here and
> continue along those lines for a minute -- I don't know whether this
> is really an industry specific problem. It strikes me as occurring in
> many different social settings.

  It certainly does, though it seems to be worse in this industry. I've
worked with many women in this business (indeed, the most talented
programmer I've ever worked with is female)...the vast majority take
stuff like this in the way it is intended (humorous and not
disrespectful) and laugh about it, while a couple get offended. Those
who take offense, well, us guys probably shouldn't say things like
that to (or about) them...though I believe they need to relax a bit and
find something different to get up-in-arms about.

  Now, if it interferes with the career progress or professional respect
of the person in question, that's a WHOLE different story...that is
wholly unacceptable and must not be tolerated. This is a JOKE, it
is FUN, and the moment it steps beyond that (for either party) it
needs to stop.


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