UPS was Re: Need Burroughs Tape Spec's

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 11:44:25 2002

On April 16, r. 'bear' stricklin wrote:
> The 'missing packaging' photo is essentially what things looked like when
> I opened the box. The rest of the photos detail the damage done. Clearly
> this is not the fault of UPS. I couldn't have filed an insurance claim,
> and it would've been unreasonable of me to have done so. The entire burden
> of the damage was on the bonehead shipper who didn't pack the thing. To
> the shipper's credit, he took responsibility and shipped me another one
> (again, in an otherwise-empty box (grr!) but which arrived, mercifully,
> intact).

  Hmm, does that vendor have any more of them? :)

> The point is, UPS publishes packaging guidelines. Use them and be happy.
> Based on my experience, I'd have to say that your gripes with UPS
> destroying packages might better be placed squarely on the inadequate use
> of packing materials.

  My experience has been just the opposite, unfortunately. I rarely
if ever receive anything that's been poorly packed, and I nearly
always have problems with packages destroyed by UPS. I guess I'm just
unlucky. :-/


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