UPS was Re: Need Burroughs Tape Spec's

From: James B. DiGriz <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 12:26:25 2002

Jeff Hellige wrote:
>> I'm wondering how UPS manages to stay in business anymore. I've
>> shipped about four things via UPS in the past year, and EVERY ONE OF
>> THEM arrived damaged to some extent. WTF??
> If FedEx dropped their price a little I think more people would use
> them vice UPS. Thankfully the SGI Indigo2 and 19" monitor I was waiting
> on arrived today by UPS and appears to have come through the ordeal at
> least physically intact. Then again, it was professionally custom
> boxed. My dealings with UPS has been less than satisfactory over the
> years though and I'd just as soon not deal with them if I could.
> Jeff

I've never had a problem with UPS. The only thing that arrived damaged
here via UPS had been packed atrociously, was originally addressed to
the wrong destination in another state, and, I suspect, was trashed to
begin with.

I'll forgo the details, since I don't have proof of that last, but I
don't recall ever seeing the party in question here, at least.

I once worked in a largish warehouse where we got stuff via UPS every
day. No problems with UPS then, either.

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