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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 12:39:46 2002

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> From: James B. DiGriz []

> > Um, I think this is getting pretty bad. [...]

> Chris, no offense, but get a grip. I'm kicking myself for
> leaving room
> for any unintentional humor in my comment, but maybe people
> are reading
> things into this thread that just aren't necessarily there?

Perhaps -- I think you're reading more into my comment than
was necessarily there. :) (Given that you stripped the entire
qualifying couple of paragraphs out...) I have no problem with your
comment, myself, or others' comments for the most part. I was only
implying that I think we should try not to offend most people too much.
Of course it won't always work, but such is life.

In other words, Dave and Sridhar can say whatever they like one to the
other, all in jest, and it can be understood as such. No problem.
It's not so good when the target of the jest, or even a third party --
JCW in this case -- can misunderstand that jest to be disrespect.

Anyway, I, for one, wouldn't want somebody making inflatable likenesses
of myself... ;)

> That's a big
> problem with humor, why it is unprofessional and should be avoided in
> the workplace, and why I should have proofed myself better.

I think that's a bit too general. Certainly there's nothing you could
possibly say that wouldn't offend _somebody_.

> How about we just drop this whole subject?

Hmm -- Ok.


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