TTL computing

From: Ben Franchuk <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 16:31:33 2002

Richard Erlacher wrote:
> That's your privilege, Ben, but there's nothing to prevent you from preserving
> the software/hardware that effectively runs your software. If the software
> exists now, it will still exist in 5 years if you don't destroy it. If you
> want to run the software later, you do have to retain a machine that runs it,
> though. If it doesn't "require 1253 meg of crap to run" today, it won't
> require it later either.

I was refering to CPLD's software.

> What's more, I'd guess that since few vendors are still making much of the TTL
> range that was available 20 years ago, it won't be better in 5 years. If you
> want to be able to design big circuits in the future, I'd recommend stocking
> up on NAND gates, billions of 'em, and lots of wire-wrap wire and sockets.
> Perfboard may not be readily available then either.

Hmm maybie I better just order thousands of diodes and transistors today
and start making flip/chips instead. :)

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