cure equiepement that was in the rain... best practices???

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 23:35:42 2002

Gravity is something I use too, although, I hadn't actually thought
about telling people about it. Something else I use is centrifical
(spelling?) force. I put the board on the end of a rope and twirl it
around....well okay maybe not, but......... I firmly grip the board,
with two hands on larger boards, and swing it back and forth to get as
much of the water off as I can. Obviuosly, board size/construction may
hinder this. This gets rid of the bulk of the water before I put the
board, standing on end, in front if the fan. Oh, and I haven't
accidently thrown a board yet :-)

One of these days/years I'll write a faq about cleaning computers. I
should proabbly order some Alconox, since that is something I haven't
used yet.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

Sipke de Wal wrote:
> Fact 4:
> Use gravity! When you take the PCB's out and place the boards vertically in a
> warm dry environment, most of the water will run off. Every now and then
> you can turn the boards so that it can run-off water from another angle.
> This is a very important aspect of the dry-ing procedure for a lot of the water
> will have to be dislodged from under various components on the board
> like chips, capacitors etc.
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