Calcomp Ethernet Adapter M971L - Volunteer repair/Anybody got one spare?

From: Arno Kletzander <>
Date: Tue Apr 16 23:59:33 2002

So this is going into the third - and, hopefully, last - turn. We had
concluded that there is something wrong with the Ethernet adapter on our Calcomp
CCL 600 ES laser printer. Now it's even worse - the printer locks up when the
interface is installed and does no longer react to its front-panel buttons
(On/Offline etc.) On the NIC, the lights for IP and DATA stay lit as long as the
printer is on.

We don't have the time and the knowledge here to start trying to repair that
board, so we hope that somebody out there on the list might throw one in
(pref. for shipping costs or little money, but place your prices), or does
anybody feel like trying to repair it?

Shipping would be from/to Nuremberg, Germany; or, if exchange at the VCF
Europe in Munich is possible, I'll show up there and handle things. I'm on
digest mode and have no Inet on the weekend, so my answers will be delayed a bit.

Thanx in advance

Arno Kletzander

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