Explain the NeXTStation "dim monitor" problem, etc...

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Wed Apr 17 09:35:34 2002

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> Look for a pot marked 'screen' or 'g2' or something like
> that. It's often
> on the flyback transformer in small monitors, could be elsewhere on
> larger/high end ones.

For the record, it's "white level" on my monitor. :) It's also very
hard to get at without a pot tweaker (have to get some of those one

> Turning this up might help. The cure might not be permanent
> (in fact it
> might casuse the CRT to fail sooner), but it's worth a try.

We'll see -- it's ok for now.

> Do take care when working inside a monitor. There are some nasty high
> voltages in there. Although IMHO the CRT electrode voltages are less
> likely to kill you than mains (simply because the CRT
> electrode supplies
> can't source much current), a shock from one of them can be
> nasty, and
> might cause you to jerk back and cut yourself, or break the CRT, or...

Indeed. I know, but thanks for the warning anyway. FWIW, the Megapixel
monitors are completely shielded even once you open the plastic. There's
a cutout in the shielding for each pot, and looking in with a flashlight,
I can't see much of a way to contact anything except the pots. In other
words, this is probably pretty safe on one of these.

> If you've not been inside a monitor or TV before, then there's a
> reasonable set of safety precautions in the sci.electronics.repair FAQ

I might look at that anyway.


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