Emulex MD21

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <dquebbeman_at_acm.org>
Date: Wed Apr 17 09:51:00 2002

> Rats, I wanted to use an Emulex MD21 from a Sun external SXSI box to hook my
> PDP11s Fuji M2246E ESDI drive (that connects to the QBUS via an Emulex QD21)
> upto a PC to do an image dump.
> The MD21 works OK with a Sun drive (a Micropolis model 1558) & the PC can
> verify each block on that, but with the Fuji M2246E hooked up, I get
> "unexpected SCSI command failure" from the Adaptec AHA1540CF BIOS when trying
> to verify the disk -
> host adapter status : 00h - no host adaptor error
> target status : 02h - check condition
> sense key : 02h - not ready
> +sense code : : 22h
> +sense code qualifier : 00h
> mean anything to anyone? The Fuji 2246E is working happily in the PDP11/83 so
> I don't believe the drive is faulty (yet!)
> I noticed the MS21 announce itself to the SCSI controller as an "Emulex
> MD21/S2". I wonder if there is specific Sun firmware in it to talk to
> only Sun approved ESDI drives?...

Hmmm this sounds a little familiar, I've got a Micropolis drive
at home that's got an Emulex rider board, it may be the same
setup, although from a Prime, not a Sun... I'll try to go home
at lunch and check...

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