NeXTStation: How to fix NetInfo

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 09:56:47 2002

Ok, R. -- chime in here any time ;)

Now that I can see the NeXTStation's display better, I've booted
it again, and changed the local password with 'passwd'.

That got me in again. It seems that some netinfo stuff is
dying on bootup. Lots of the NeXTAdmin apps will complain
about not being able to contact the NetInfo server and die.

The NetInfo server, as far as I can tell is nibindd, is that
right? What is lookupd? It starts right after it, and seems
to possibly have something to do with NetInfo too, but I can't
tell what.

Anyway, lookupd likes to exit without doing much, and nibindd
seems to be dumping core, which I assume isn't good at all ;)

... so how does one go about straightening this mess out?


Christopher Smith, Perl Developer
Amdocs - Champaign, IL

/usr/bin/perl -e '
print((~"\x95\xc4\xe3"^"Just Another Perl Hacker.")."\x08!\n");
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