"Windows V1.0"

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Wed Apr 17 17:28:12 2002

>Consequently, looking back at the calendar, I think that
>it's far more likely that this is Windows 2.0 or 2.1.

        Actually, his copyright page from the book, which mine lacks
due to it being required as proof-of-ownership to get a low-cost
upgrade to Windows 3.0 from Egghead in '90, shows dates of:

        Copyright 1985 by Microsoft Corp.
        Copyright 1986 by Zenith Data Systems

        Also, the diagrams in the manual show file dates of late 1984
and throughout 1985. Also according to various sources I've used for
the timeline on my website, Microsoft first announced Windows 1.0 in
June of 1985 and started shipping it in November 1985. Granted none
of it is hard evidence but it does a decent job, along with my
previous posts in reply to his question, at suggesting he does have
one of the Windows 1.X versions from Zenith.

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