missing chips on "new" UNIBUS boards ...

From: Rick Murphy <rmurphy_at_itm-inst.com>
Date: Wed Apr 17 19:21:25 2002

At 10:29 PM 4/17/02 +0200, Michael Schneider wrote:
>On my KFQSA, this chip is labelled
> T 23-081E8-00 9205EAI
> TC 531024P-15-F814
> (C) DEC 89
>So, it looks like something proprietary to DEC. It might be a ROM,
>but as far as i can see from following the board traces it has
>something to do with an i8097 nearby...

The part number is 23-081E8-00; 23-class part numbers are ROMs.
It seems to me that you wouldn't be violating any copyrights making a
replacement copy for another duly-licensed KFQSA board.
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