AIM-65 displays

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 20:25:13 2002

>From: blacklord <>
>Hi Dick,
>> I'll have a look to see whether I have any ROM listings. I
>> thought I did,
>> but, well ... they say the mind's the second thing to go ... can't
>> rememberthe first ...
>The AIM is pretty similar to the KIM-1 no ? (I may be mistaken) The
>KIM's ROM dissasembly is pretty freely available, I have a version that
>was suppied with a text file on how to build your own using current


 Not even close! They both use 6502's. That is about where
the similarities end. The KIM was a hex readout. The AIM
is an alpha/numb readout. The AIM runs a printer in parallel
with the display. The KIM has a small key pad, the AIM had
a full keyboard.
 I could pull my chip and disassemble it but someone else
could deal with putting comments on the code. I'll look at
my AIM stuff tonight and see if they had any listing for the
monitor. It seems like they only had entry points but that
would be helpful in figuring it out.
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