VCF Apple-1 Auction 4/19-4/21

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Apr 17 14:17:02 2002

On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Tothwolf wrote:

> >
> > (this one has had a couple sockets replaced)
> Well, I can spot at least one replaced dip socket, bottom right corner of
> that image, second chip from the right edge. Which others did you notice?

That is one of the monitor ROM sockets, which was defective and was
replaced when the seller first got it (if you haven't read the background
info, it was donated in non-working condition to the Homebrew Computer
Club to raise funds, and he paid something like $80 for it, which was a
real good deal even back then). He also replaced the keyboard socket
with an Augut socket that was much more robust (second row from the
bottom, fourth socket over).

> I actually would have expected any repairs on a "rare" Apple I to have
> been much cleaner than what I see from that image, but it's possible they
> were made by the last owner before he figured out it was "rare". It also

These were made contemporaneously, i.e. in 1976 when it was just another
computer that needed hacking.

> seems quite possible to me that one person (especially considering what I
> read of the board's history) with very good soldering skills and the
> proper tools did the initial build of the board, and someone else made a
> few repairs later on.

It was wave soldered. The repairs were made by the seller way back in

> Before the board is sold, it might be worthwhile to scan both sides of it
> on a high resolution flatbed scanner (be careful not to scratch the
> glass). It might also be helpful to make notes about what components are
> located where, especially ones like radial mount electrolytic capacitors,
> where you can't see their markings from a top view.

I think Eric Smith did that already with the last one.

One of the problems with making an Apple-1 replication is that the
video shift registers are next to impossible to find. One part of the lot
of the Apple-1 auctioned in 2000 was a set of spare shift registers.
Those are the only I've ever seen not in an Apple-1 board.

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