Digital Shark Was Re: Secret Mac

From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 00:23:06 2002

At 02:15 PM 17/04/2002 +0100, Alex White wrote:
>On Tue, 2002-04-16 at 23:28, Eric Dittman wrote:
> > > Wow, a unique machine that Sellam *doesn't* have!
>Hmm, what about the reference design that DEC did for a Set Top Box?
>Nickname "shark", it had a StrongARM, Compactflash and PCMCIA, network,
>serial, RF out etc etc, all in a package about 5" square and 1" high.

Have a look at

for information on the shark and

for information on the skiff.

Pretty neat stuff they get to do at CRL.

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