Alternate spot available for RSX/RT11/RSTS/Unix freeware (including decus)

From: Jay West <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 07:50:50 2002

In case it wasn't already obvious....

I spent a day or two putting up the complete freeware libraries for RT-11,
RSX, and RSTS, including DECUS. This should be all the stuff that is on the
CD's that Tim Shoppa has, as well as a bit of other stuff. The initial
transfer was pretty quick, just an hour or so. These archives are HUGE.
However, the site has some problems with the content that make
transfers kind of a pain, so I had to go back and recheck each file one at a
time (in an automated fashion of course) to make sure they all transferred
ok, and that what didn't transfer wasn't supposed to - that is what took a
long time.

You can find them at these URL's:

However, I would suggest that you bookmark just
though instead, it puts you at a better documentroot to see what all files
are available. This archive location is growing rapidly with other things
too from the free site and elsewhere. I may put up the pdp-8 and
pdp-10 stuff as well. Might throw up some HP 1000/2000/3000 stuff too as
time permits. When I get around to it, they will be at /PDP-8, /PDP-10, and


Jay West
Received on Thu Apr 18 2002 - 07:50:50 BST

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