AIM-65 displays

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 09:17:08 2002

I'd be happy to scan the content and make it available as a G4 TIF file. Now,
I probably have that stuff somewhere as well, but ...

Joe Rigdon once said he had an AIM complete with the BASIC and ASM roms. I'd
assume that the assembler uses the syntax in which the ROMs are written, which
would help. ISTR he wanted to make the ROMs available, but didn't have an
EPROM programmer at the time, and didn't know how to dump the ROMs without

Let me know off-list how we can handle the listings.


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> I have the listings. It's a small book called "AIM 65 Monitor Program
> Listing", and includes all the I/O routines, the editor and
> assembler/disassembler. If you don't have it, I could lend it to you.
> Jim
> > >> I'll have a look to see whether I have any ROM listings. I
> > >> thought I did,
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