NeXT (Almost-up-and-running-now) Laser Printer

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 11:14:29 2002

>On April 18, Christopher Smith wrote:
>> I'm certain that this problem comes from the printer setting
>> too long, and making an indentation in the rubber on the
>> roller. Has anyone had success in repairing this kind of
>> thing?
> The pickup roller is supposed to have a flat spot in it...if that's
>what you're noticing, it's normal.

        Over time the pickup roller on these printers gets soft and
leaves black marks on the paper, as well as not completely feeding
the paper. Randy at ChannelU still sells repair kits for these
printers (new roller, ejection gear and ozone filter). I think he
charged me $20 for the three parts. Worn/broken ejection gears are
almost as common a problem on these pritners as the bad roller. He
also has detailed instructions on his website for installing them.

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