AIM-65 displays

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 12:08:21 2002

>From: "Hans B Pufal" <>
>Richard Erlacher wrote:
>> It turns out that Rich Cini has the ROM listings in PDF format on his website
>> along with the
>> manuals, etc. That'll save some effort, since he's already done the work.
>I saw this a few days ago in browsing but forgot about it til today. You
>beat me by about an hour!
>Anyone want to volounteer to get the monitor source into ascii? If we
>all chip in we would only have to do a page or four each. Needs
>coordination though - I'd be willing to do that.
> -- hbp

 I have dibbs on page 56 ( I'm a little lazy ).
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