Need Shugart 860-1 info

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 12:16:44 2002

You should be able to tell from looking at it. It should be quite obvious.
If it has two heads, one on each side, or if it has two head cables that
arrive at the logic board, it's two-sided, otherwise ...

I've got the OEM and service manuals somewhere, but can't lay hands on 'em
right now. I'd guess, from the even number and '-1' that it's probably
single-sided, but these are pretty late-model drives, so that may not be
applicable. If you don't want to open the box, then you could put in a
two-sided diskette. If it doesn't go "ready" then it's single-sided, as it
doesn't have the sensor for "seeing" the hole in a two-sided diskette, which
is in a different location than the one for single-sided diskettes. You can
do this from just the cable, since the cable is driven with OC drivers. If
the ready signal goes low at 6 hz, then it sees the indicator.


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> Does anyone know if the HH 8" floppy Shugart 860-1 is a single or double
> sided drive?
> Paxton
> Astoria, OR
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