The Unit (was: One-upsmanship (was: Secret Mac))

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 04:25:48 2002

On Thu, 18 Apr 2002, Hans Franke wrote:

> > How about calling it a Babbage?
> Well, I'd rather go for Zuse. Not only because he is
> German(*), but rather because there is still no basic
> or derivated SI unit starting with Z, so Z would give
> a prety good symbol. There is already the Bq (Bequerel),
> so Babbage wouldn't be so nicht - the same is true for
> Calcula (C -> Celsius) and Ambit (A -> Ampere).

Yes, of course, Zuse, since Germans are the greatest! I was going to
suggest Zuse but then I relaized how much of a big head that would give
you, and you already have trouble balancing what you have on your
shoulders as it is :)

Zuse would be a good unit of measure, but nobody in America knows how to
pronounce it properly, so it would only serve to further demonstrate how
ignorant most of us are.

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