The Unit (was: One-upsmanship (was: Secret Mac))

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 13:25:45 2002

Rumor has it that Ethan Dicks may have mentioned these words:
>--- Christopher Smith <> wrote:
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>> > From: Sridhar the POWERful []
>> > Zuse gets my vote. Words like Gigazuse (GZ) sound really cool.
>> Can we make it sufficiently small that it might extend to TerraZuse?
>PettaZuse? Attozuse?

I was going to mention that one but it sounded a bit too pornographic to
me... :-P and ExaZuse sounds like we'd have a "contract" or "hit" out on
his life... [sorry, I don't know the British slang for that, but it
wouldn't be good to want to "rub out" the heirs of the guy we're trying to
immortalize by the standard... ;-) ]

Roger "Merch" Merchberger

P.S. Maybe we could just "skip" those for general use, just like
"nanofarad" capacitors are not normally mentioned...

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