NeXT (Almost-up-and-running-now) Laser Printer

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 13:54:27 2002

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> From: Erik S. Klein []

> If the printer you have is the NeXT 400 dpi unit (I don't
> have the model number in front of me) then I picked up
> several from the gentleman who was selling them cheap in the
> Bay Area. If you need one for spares or as a replacement
> I'll be happy to sell it for what I paid for it ($15) plus
> shipping. The ones I have are in excellent (untested) shape
> with some looking almost new. . .

Well, thanks for the offer. We'll see what happens here. I'm
still hopeful of getting it fixed, and if not, I may be able to
get a replacement locally. I happen to know (from the guy who
runs the place) that the local scrapyard is overrun with these ;)


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