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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 14:12:07 2002

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> leaving out one more parameter in the calculation. (rarity?
> inability to
> run MICROS~1 software? weight? unknown to the general population?

Well, I generally include inability to run microshaft software when
I'm trying to figure out how cool a system is. Those that you can
get a winders emulator for generally rank above those that run it
natively, and those that you can't get an emulator for above that,
A.S.O. -- I'm not sure how you'd turn that into a number to be used
in a calculation, though.

Perhaps that would be going the wrong way -- it would be simple just
to find the minimal amount of internal storage required for a
"supported" system, in comparison to the space required by the full
system, and to subtract from the score based on that number. That
would certainly harm more "modern" systems which run microsoft software ;)

This "internal storage density" would probably be something like:

(<Fixed-Media> + <RAM> + <ROM>)/Meters^3 (where the storage should be
represented in some suitably large or small unit)

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