Minimal RAM (was Re: The Unit)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 15:43:10 2002

--- Hans Franke <> wrote:
> d) Memory. Most would go for bytes, or kilobytes...
> Only real, main memory. If there is no memory at all,
> the number 1 is to be used (well, sounds odd, I can't
> come up with a machine totaly without memory).

I'd have to dig, but I found a Z-80-based digital clock
project on a web page recently that had an *empty* 6116
socket. There was ROM code, but no RAM. It ran by only
using "storage" in the registers.

Not quite "totally", but totally without what is normally
considered "main memory".

> High numbers are bad.

Agreed. I have an Elf here - 256 bytes of RAM, 0 bytes ROM. What
has less than that? I suppose you could stick a 6810 in there
for 128 bytes, or even a pair of 74170s (4 bytes), but there's
not much you can do with an 1802 in 4 bytes. Load a register over
and over. Toggle the Q flag. Hey... I might just have to build
a 74170->1822 pin swabber and try to run the Elf on 4 bytes of RAM
(I have all the parts here already).

A new contest! Write a working program for the 1802 in 4 bytes.


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