QBUS VAX and M7941 under VMS - info needed!

From: Carlini, Antonio <Antonio.Carlini_at_riverstonenet.com>
Date: Thu Apr 18 17:20:49 2002

> Of course, VMS does not have a driver for these cards, but I
>not too frightened by the prospect of a little code - here lies the
>problem! Can anyone tell me just how this card maps into the I/O
>given the CSR? I would like to know just where to read from and
write to
>in order the drive the beastie...

        The necessary manuals are all available at:


        Start with the OpenVMS VAX Device Support Manual
.pdf )
        and the OpenVMS VAX Device Support Reference Manual
.pdf )

        Both of these are now in the archived section.

        The second one of these is basically
        an introduction to writing a device
        driver for OpenVMS VAX and
        includes probably all the info
        you need for the Qbus mapping
        in Chapter 14.

        The Coinnect to Interrupt stuff in
        Chapter 21 may be a useful introduction
        if you've not done a full driver before.
        It will show you how to map the
        registers and respond to device
        interrupts. Once you can do that
        you should have the hang of talking
        to devices on the Qbus and can move on
        to doing a driver proper.

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