Secret Mac

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 20:09:56 2002

>Does anybody know if motherboard removal was
>a common practice in decomissioning tempest computers?

Maybe the people that were using it were super paranoid?

There is a company near here dumping PCs right now, and each one has to
have its motherboard snapped in half before it hits the dumpster....
because they are afraid a rival company will get the PC and find info
left behind on the motherboard. (it really just tells me some ignorant
person is in charge of the disposal, but either way, it is their policy
right now).

Hard Drives are being reformatted with one of those secure wiping
programs and then opened and smashed.

Of course, I can't personally verify this, as the info came to me from a
friend, but with some of the moron IT directors I have met, I don't
hesistate to believe it.


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