Alternate spot available for RSX/RT11/RSTS/Unix freeware (including decus)

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 21:00:46 2002

>Stan Barr wrote:

> >"Jay West" <> said:
> > I spent a day or two putting up the complete freeware libraries for RT-11,
> > RSX, and RSTS, including DECUS. This should be all the stuff that is on the
> > CD's that Tim Shoppa has, as well as a bit of other stuff.
> Terrific! I've just got simh 2.9.0 to compile and (10 minutes ago...)
> seen RT-11 boot for the first time, so I could use some more stuff...

Jerome Fine replies:

If you want almost everything for RT-11 in one place, the CD can
be downloaded as well.
Don't forget to also download MD5SUMS and do an
MD5 check before you burn the CD.

If anyone who does not have high speed tries, these are 650 MByte
CD images. At 5 KBytes per second, it can take more than 24 hours,
but still acceptable.

I am working a method of being able to hardware boot RT-11 directly
from a CD in addition to using the same DSK under the ISO file
structure. I will include those instructions under /RT-11/ when they
are complete.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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