Relative Value of PGDP-11 CPUs; Was Re: Guys take a look...

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Apr 18 22:41:19 2002

> I dunno, but I now know what a standard DEC 11/93 board is worth.
> Somebody offered me a TQK50 _and_ an RQDX3 for a KDJ11-EB this week. He
> says he also has a KA650, but couldn't quite trade straight across for
> that....
> Doc - fairly disgusted, greatly amused.

I'm not sure what the current value of a 11/93 board is, but offering you a
TQK50 and a RQDX3 for one is insulting! It's definitly worth a lot more
than either of those or a KA650!

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