Guys take a look at this qbus cpu board on Ebay :-)

From: William R. Buckley <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 01:37:58 2002

> Except that a real PDP-11 will probably be a good deal more stable than a
> PC. And how are PC's running windows at things like realtime data
> acquisition?
> Peace... Sridhar

Well, I have used WinNT4.0Workstation and Visual Basic 6 to obtain realtime
data from a board interfaced to a quadrature signal as a means of measuring
the height of gas turbine engine blades. It worked quite well, and I was
easily able to make 500 such measurements per second.

The board simply supplied the current value from the quadrature signal, and
in no way supplied a time base for capturing the value. The time base came
from the VB program.

William R. Buckley
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