The Unit (was: One-upsmanship (was: Secret Mac))

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 10:19:17 2002

> > > > It is a derivated unit, as Coulomb, but you'r right, the
> > > > name is Degree Celsius (oC), and youre right, C is Coulomb.

> > > Coulombs aren't derived.

> > Coulombs are defined as As (Ampere Seconds) and therefore derivated
> > from the seven basic units (m,kg,s,A,K,mol,cd).

> But A are defined as C/s, right? C are just derived in terms of eV,
> aren't they?

Nop. A is defined in itself - Well, it's a basic unit (*).
Coloumb is the electric charge, defined as Amper Seconds.
The eV (electron volt) is a unit for energy, usualy named
as Joule, or in our environment measured as wh (kwh).
While one joule is the name for 1 ws, the electron volt
is a quite small thing. if I'm correct it's 0,2 Attojoule


(*) Now, the Ampere is defind as the current (dc) needed
to flow in two paralell wires, one meter apart to produce
a force between the wires of 200 nN (Nanonewton) or something
like that. The Ampere is, like the Meter and the other SI
units a man defined unit.

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