ASR33 print head

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 10:35:07 2002

I checked all of the normal places I buy printwheels, printheads, bands,
etrc and no one has anything listed for the ASR33 under any name to includes
Teletype Corp, Bell Labs or AT&T. Unless you can find a parted out machine
you might have to rebuild the characters. My guess is that they're metal? I
haven't seen an ASR33 since I was in the AF in the 76 to 78 period at

Look for places that rebuild typewriters, someone may be able to braze and
recarve the characters.

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=> Is there a source for new(er) ASR33 print heads? Mine has many of the
=> characters worn/damaged.
=> -chuck
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