The PERQ factor (was: One-upsmanship)

From: Peter C. Wallace <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 21:32:59 2002

> [2] THe most beautiful processor I've seen? The HP9100 one, of course.
> -tony

        I think the most beautiful processor I've seen is CPU card of the
Symbolics 3645. The wiring and chip layout are really nice. One thing that
always impressed me about that machine is that the disk label is in ASCII
text! Of course it has a 68000 with a decent amount of ROM space (the FEP) to
boot from...
        The Symbolics and the Xerox WS running Interlisp always seemed to be
the most "alive" computers I've used, which I think has something to do with
how much the command interpreter, shell, etc knows about things...

Peter Wallace
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