Guys take a look at this qbus cpu board on Ebay :-)

From: John Boffemmyer IV <>
Date: Sat Apr 20 09:44:31 2002

been there, done that, kinda sucks and looks ugly. i've begun getting more
creative and started using some of the sanding and rounding features with
my dremel and made one that has dual fan and a HDD LED on it for a SCSI
drive i had sitting in a 486- though it is long gone now. 486 died and i
had decided to donate it to a friend who liked to use explosives. first
time i saw a 486 CPU fly over 20 feet =)

At 01:01 AM 4/20/02, you wrote:
>On Sat, 20 Apr 2002, Chad Fernandez wrote:
> > Temporarily, I've got a fan sitting on top of the cards and the power
> > supply. It's cooled off a lot!! I need to poke a hole in the case an
> > permanently install that fan.
>Cheapskate's Drive Fan Recipe:
>One 486-early-Pentium CPU fan w/HDD-style power input
>One 5.25" drive-bay cover
>4 2.5mm x 10mm woodscrews
>1 Dremel Tool or Flexshaft
> Cut a round hole in the bay cover, the diameter of the fan itself or
>slightly smaller.
> Drill mount holes to match the fan housing.
> Slot the cover to accomodate the power leads - either in from the edge
>or out from the fan opening.
> Screw fan to cover, plug to spare power lead, clip bay cover into
>place. If you're as anal as I am, grind screw points flush to the
>plastic on the inside.
> Much cheaper & much quieter than the commercial bay coolers. If your
>PSU sucks air into the case, orient the fan to blow out, or vice versa.
> Doc

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