Dayna EtherPrint-T and AppleShare

From: Chris <>
Date: Sat Apr 20 21:20:26 2002

>Will a Dayna EtherPrint-T work for connecting, say, a LocalTalk Mac into an
>EtherTalk network, or does it only work for printers? In other words, is it
>a true LocalTalk-to-EtherTalk bridge?

I think it will work as a true LocalTalk to Ethernet bridge.

However, you may need to change a dip switch on it. IIRC, the Dayna has a
couple of switches on the back that tell it what localtalk address range
to look at, one direction is low addresses (CPUs) the other is high
addresses (CPUs or Printers). If you check your AppleTalk control panel,
you can see what your current AppleTalk address is (1-255, the break in
the Dayna I think was at the 128 point, splitting the addresses in half).

Many Macs auto assign into the lower range, so you might have to flip the
switch to see it.

Of course, I could be thinking either of an older version of the box, or
of the wrong box, so you might want to double check (I think there is
still tech info on Dayna products off Intel's web site.

If you are looking to buy one, and want to know for sure, let me know...
I have a Dayna box at work that I can hook up and test. I have had it
sitting on a shelf since I got it, I have never used it since I have an
Asante one that is half the size. (Don't know if it is the
EtherPrint-T... actually, I think it is not, as I think it only has AUI
and BNC connectors on it... but I am fairly sure it carries the
EtherPrint name, so hopefully the only difference is the RJ-45 connector)


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