Network Hub selection help needed

From: Doc <>
Date: Sun Apr 21 03:52:36 2002

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Chad Fernandez wrote:

> I'm finally going to work on hooking up a home network, so I guess I
> need a hub. What should I look for? I don't know much about networks
> yet. I have potentially 7 computers that I'd like to have connected.
> It'll need to be 10Base-T, but 100base-T may be involved too. I thought
> I'd look for something on Ebay, hopefully, not too expensive. Maybe
> something commercial grade, However. I thought about something from IBM
> or 3Com, any suggestions??

  A set of cheap auto-sensing 10/100 switches is plenty for most home
networks. I have a $2500 managed Netelligent 8-port switch in the
closet, unplugged. The main switch for my network is a $70 NetGear....
It's _quieter_. Under VERY heavy load the Compaq outperforms the
NetGear, but only then. If I have an unruly NIC or host, the management
features are nice, but the real solution to that is still to replace the
NIC or reconfigure the host. I can't justify the increased power
requirements and noise of the Netelligent unit. If it hadn't been
cheaper than the NetGear, I wouldn't have it at all.

  The extra $20 or so for a switch over a hub is well worth it, though.

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