Network Hub selection help needed

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sun Apr 21 05:07:14 2002

Search for the name "Skylink" and "switch" (you may have to include
description as well as title). I have 2 of these 10/100 switches (as opposed
to a hub) that absolutely fly - cost me about $40 each (new) 6 months ago. I
even have print servers and printers with internal NICs that are 10baseT and
they don't lag at all. Much is since a switch will full duplex where a hub
goes half duplex. A switch is less prone to collision and can effectively
give you 20/200. All that I have on mine ncluding a PowerMac the unmanaged
switch has been fine, and easy to use.

I might have 2 to sell for what I paid for them. They usually end around $55
each plus shipping, they are that popular. I'm considering getting a 16
port version just to consolidate them. My present set of 2 hardly used 8
port switches (in the box) would be available then.

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=> I'm finally going to work on hooking up a home network, so I guess I
=> need a hub. What should I look for? I don't know much about networks
=> yet. I have potentially 7 computers that I'd like to have connected.
=> It'll need to be 10Base-T, but 100base-T may be involved too. I thought
=> I'd look for something on Ebay, hopefully, not too expensive. Maybe
=> something commercial grade, However. I thought about something from IBM
=> or 3Com, any suggestions??
=> Chad Fernandez
=> Michigan, USA
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