OT: MS Passport to be used for online National ID system??

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sun Apr 21 11:27:49 2002

Rather than preaching to the choir, as you're doing here, why not gather up
some concrete facts to support your claims and pursue them with your elected
officials? It's an election year, and they'll appreciate some realistic grist
for the mill.


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> Quothe Jeff Hellige, from writings of Sun, Apr 21, 2002 at 09:07:40AM +0500:
> > The US government is considering using MS Passport for a national
> > ID system...more scary stuff...
> Wow, that Orwellian article reeks of Big Brother!
> However, that's not surprising considering that the majority of
> modern-day U.S. politicians are greedy b*stards lacking in
> intellect---they dislike liberty and freedom, and are interested only
> in the higest paying special interest groups (e.g. - very large
> corporations), sex scandals (involvement in and making issues out of),
> passing insipid laws, bilking the citizens out of their income and
> property, and partaking in religious warfare. It's also interesting
> how Micro$oft got off the hook in the anti-trust suit once Little
> Georgie "the anti-intellect" Bush'em replaced Slick Willie & Kooky
> Hillary & Co. as chief executive loon (or is that goon or both:
> gloon?) of the U.S.
> *** The question of most relevance to this group: if any of this goes
> through, will we be prevented from using classic systems, or even
> non-Microsoft systems period, to access the Internet? It appears that
> they have the long-range goal of requiring people to be
> "authenticated," using Micro$lothware, in order to use the 'net for
> anything, and hence, trace who does what where and when, and keep
> better track of who says what. It also looks like an attempt to stike
> a fatal blow to the use of free software in the U.S., notably free
> operating systems, e-mail software and Apache, etc.
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