Network Hub selection help needed

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sun Apr 21 12:16:32 2002

I hope to start hooking up a mix of hardware very soon and have over the
last week picked up a Linksys Fast Ethernet 5-Port Workgroup Hub model
FEHUB05W ($2.92), a Linksys EtherFast cable/DSL Router model BEFSR41
($20), and a Katron 10BASE-T Ethernet hub 8 Plus model Hub/8 ($10) and
now have tofigure which to use?
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> I thought I had a similar problem with my Powermac, then though it was
> AUI ethernet transciever - Nope (even though my cable tester said I
had a
> good crimp with proper 1-1/2-2/3-3/etc connection) - it was a weak
> connection and once I cut and re-ended the drop for the PowerMac life
> into the machine on the network and once "Dave" was installed it
> chatting with all of it's Windows peers and the NT server, as well as
> printers. The nice thing is that even though the transciever is
> data flows through it fast, thanks to the 2 8 port Skylink switches.
When I
> had an autoswitch IBM 10/100 hub, the 10baseT equipment dragged it's
> now I see very little difference in the 10baseT and 100baseT devices.
> I'm perfectly able to write CD's through the network on my PII-300
> with a 16x writer, from even my old Dell 4066/XE 486DX2-66 based
> (used for a while as a proxy server). Even SCSI DAT tape goes well,
> as fast as if the tape was diectly on the SCSI chain of that machine
> drawing files from.
> I've given away old SMC, IBM and other 10baseT hubs to experimenters
just to
> get them out of my way after I got the 10/100 switches, and I won't
> anything less than that as a customer replacement. When a 16 port
switch is
> $75 new retail, why buy a used 10baseT hub for $10 or $15? Even if a
> HAS to go onto 10base2 coax, there are ways to convert with baluns or
> transcievers - or even uplink an old coupl-of-port hub with BNC to
> particular segment. My Netserver has 2 10/100 nics, I had a 10base2
> segment on an old hub from card 2, my 10/100 switches and all the UTP
> connected equipment on card 1. Worked well until I found a replacement
> NIC (olicom) for my old IBM 9595 server (now out of service).
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> => >Go for autosensing 10/100baseT. If you're going to spend any
amount of
> => >money, you want to protect your investment by including
> => 100baseT capability
> => >even if you don't need it right now.
> => >
> => >If you see a decent modern 3Com hub or switch, that's fine but
> => most of the
> => >second-hand stuff I've seen is 10baseT only. I wouldn't bother
> => looking for
> => >IBM. Baystack, 3Com, HP, Cisco are the ones you're likely to see.
> => >Netgear, which is almost entirely unmanaged kit, but quite good
> =>
> => I use a Netgear DS108 dual-speed, 8port hub and really like
> => it. It's small and does it's job well. My only complaint with it
> => that it doesn't pick up on some 10baseT cards, such as an Asente
> => NIC that is in my Color Classic. My other Mac's, NeXTs, and
> => other machines work fine with it though.
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