Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers (was: OT email response format)

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Sun Apr 21 21:04:39 2002

Perhaps, but why would one have wanted one of them back then? In fact, why
would one want one now?

BTW, when the NEXT boxes first came out, we had a few of them sitting around
for people to look at and play with. I personally was not impressed. They
were EXTREMELY low on gigaflops per picobuck and, aside from the OS, I don't
remember any applications that didn't have the same look and feel as a small
mono-MAC costing ~1/10 as much.

The problem with these machines, as borne out by the market, is that they
weren't what the home user wanted. They weren't what I wanted either. I
recently saw a NEXT cube for sale in a thrift store complete with its original
(Black) laser printer for $10 for the whole shootin'match, and it was running.
AFAIK, nobody bought it. I haven't been back to see whether it's sold yet,
but it's been a couple of weeks. The laser printer had been there a week or
two longer.


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> >No, I wouldn't pay that much, but I wouldn't pay out more than, say $25 for
> >all the UNIX boxes on the planet either, and that only if they were already
> >broken down into their varous scrap types, e.g. steel, aluminum, plastics,
> >etc. I've yet to see even one piece of software that would be of serious
> >to me that runs under UNIX. I know that I could force myself to use
> >but I really don't want to.
> Not comparing them to today's Windows machines but to the PC
> offerings out during the same timeframe, I doubt you really could've
> found a PC comparable in capabilities to Unix workstations such as
> the SGI machines, for running applications such as Lightwave 3D, or
> the NeXT machines, for such things as Mathmatica and other
> scientific-type apps. The hardware on PC's has only in the last few
> years caught up to the various workstations in video capabilities and
> the CPU's have yet to come near the MIPS and DEC Alpha processors
> except in terms of raw clockspeed. Of course, you paid for machines
> of this level, but you got a lot more as well.
> With Mac OS X, more new machines are shipping with a UNIX
> derived OS than ever before. With so many home machines being
> networked, a secure OS is becoming a must....something Windows has
> shown time and again to fall short on. Plus, I'd use the freely
> downloadable and time-proven Apache webserver over the similar
> NT/2000 offerings any day given it's better track record and wider
> installed base.
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