Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers (was: OT email response format)

From: Sridhar the POWERful <vance_at_ikickass.org>
Date: Mon Apr 22 00:26:37 2002

On Sun, 21 Apr 2002, Derek Peschel wrote:

> > > How can anyone do anything useful with a computer without the
> > > following? Emacs, TeX/LaTeX, dvips, the Bourne shell for scripts,
> > > ghostview, gimp, xv, PostgreSQL or Oracle, Perl, C, various useful
> > > UNIX utilities (e.g. tar, awk, nawk, grep, sed, dc, ed, diff, cal, at,
> > > bc, od, lint, etc.), to name a very few of the extremely useful
> > > programs that run on UNIX systems.
> >
> > You'd be surprised at the variety of work I can do on an S/390 with *none*
> > of these. Just because they are useful, doesn't mean that's all there is.
> I assume you use equivalent programs, but what are they? Presumably
> XEDIT would be high on the list, and one of IBM's print formatters.
> And you probably have a nice implementation of SQL. Is there a
> replacement for gimp or xv?

I definitely use XEDIT all the time. DB2 is the best database
implementation on mainframes, although it doesn't necessarily have to do
with SQL (and often doesn't). I don't do image processing. Period.
Mainframes almost never do graphics, so something like xv is not something
I would be doing with an S/390. I don't use a shell. I use JCL to set up
batch processing jobs. For text processing, I use Bookmaster. It will be
a cold day in hell before I let any perl code on any of my mainframes. A
lot of stuff I use on the mainframe doesn't have any equivalent in the
UNIX world.

Peace... Sridhar
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