suggestions on BBC Micro, voltage converter, PAL monitor (in US)?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Apr 22 02:28:03 2002

On Apr 21, 22:05, Derek Peschel wrote:
> It has been my mission for some time to bring a BBC Micro back from
> England. I would need some way to adapt British plugs to US sockets
> and convert the voltage, and I would also need a PAL monitor. (No, I
> don't want black-and-white NTSC. Yes, I could bring a montior back from
> England along with the computer. I'm not sure if I want to do that.)

Some of the Beeb PSUs have a jumper to change from 220/240V to 110/120.
 You probably don't want a PAL monitor, but you probably do want an RGB one
that can handle 625 lines (15.something kHz horizontal and 50Hz vertical).

> Does anyone have experience with these things? I am hoping to save
> money ($500 would be above the top of my price range) but I don't want
> to fry anything either.
> Oh yes, and if anyone has an extra Beeb hanging around that would be
> nice too.

They're not uncommon here. I bet one of us Brits could find one cheaply
for you, if we knew when you were coming over and where you'd be.

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