Bad Classic Operating Systems (was: Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Apr 22 06:53:30 2002

> Apple's DOS 1 and 2 had no files, or so I hear.

AFAIR there was never a Apple DOS 1 - the first was called 2
(like in Apple 2, Disk 2, Dos 2) and was written by the Woz
himself. Soon to be replaced by DOS 3 (only the low level and
the RWTS functions taken from DOS 2 _ which barely was more
than that), which again soon developed into 3.2 (all over a
period of less than a half year). 3.2 was more or less the
standard DOS for over a year, and the one commonly seen as the
first public release. Some time later (1980?) 3.3 came around
and the 16 sector format, picking up a development done for the
UCSD Pascal System (Well, the P-System required you to change
the boot PROMs for 16 sector format, and if you wanted to use
DOS and the P-System, you either had to swap PROM all the time,
or have at least two controllers, and boot via monitor (or basic)
command line). Otherwise 3.3 was more or less unchanged from 3.2.
So the main trick was the conversion from 13 sectors and 117 K
to 16 sectors and 143 K per disk (side).

Well, looking back, your're right - at least Apple DOS 1 never
supported files, because it didn't exist :)


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