AS/400s in the Champaign area

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Mon Apr 22 09:59:37 2002

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> CISC 9404 and 9402's that I have seen typically have crappy 150MB oem
> Tandberg QIC tape drives. Supposedly they are very finicky with their
> SCSI-I. I never bothered to do much with mine.

> The disk drives (if not too small to be useful) can be
> reformatted to 512
> byte sectors and used elsewhere. I am using an IBM 0661 now from an
> AS/400 in a Netbsd DECstation 5000/260 as a second drive.

As I said, this thing has two EMC RAID boxes in it. The drives in there
are 80-pin SCA type SCSI disks. It also seems to have a tape library of
unknown pedigree.

It's also worth mentioning that I talked to a friend who used to work for
this company that had the AS/400, and he had this to say:

oh, what can I tell you about it? Not much, like I said, i never monkeyed
with it. It was a monstrous huge thing, a good 15 years old, I
think. There was twinax wire running throughout the building, from when
the staff had to access it via dumb terminals. Later they stuck a NIC on
it somehow, and got TCP/IP running on it, I think, because the staff had a
telnet-like client for hooking up to it.


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