Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers (was: OT email response format)

From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Mon Apr 22 10:24:35 2002

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> From: R. D. Davis [mailto:rdd_at_rddavis.org]

> Just talk louder and be more persistent; they'll reach a point where
More loudly ;)

> they'll either listen or fire you; it the later, no great loss since
> it doesn't sound like they're worth working for.

Actually, aside from having no clue how to run their computer systems,
they're really good people, and I like them. That's my dilemma. I
put up with them because I really do like my job, and especially in
the current market, that makes me very lucky.

> > agreed to follow their rules, and will have to do that
> until they make
> > more sane rules.

> Why?

I'm at a loss as to how I can make things any more clear. :/ Sorry.

> > In other words, when I took their job, I gave them
> > my word.

> You gave them your word that you'd act like a good little obedient
> dimwit? Why would anyone promise to do that? I suggest that you
> run emacs and invoke doctor ("M-x doctor") to get some help. ;-)

Actually, I prefer the stand-alone eliza program.

> One can always refuse to work with that Micro$oft rubbish. Perhaps you

The other option is to do the best you can with the crap that they already
have, and if (when!) that's ever not good enough, to explain exactly why.

> could educate your employer's clients; tell them all about the big
> mistakes that they're making by wanting to use that Micro$oft
> virusware which is broken, and otherwise annoying, by design. Don't
> mince words, tell it like it is, and tell them that no reasonably
> intelligent computer hacker would work with that rubbish unless it was
> as part of a project to change over to a UNIX system, or VMS, or even
> CP/M... that is, changing over to a system that doesn't destroy data

I have made it extremely clear in the past (... and yes, I used just these
words) that "we'd be much better off using CP/M." I'll probably make that
statement many more times, and I don't really expect they'll change
anything because of it. Perhaps I can have some kind of influence on new
projects during the initial design stage by voicing my objection to the
use of any microsoft product.

Again -- this time to them -- I have no idea how I can make it any more

> and do other peculiar things with files. Ask them why they like
> operating systems that molest data... someone needs to make an "Eddy
> Electron" like film, that's Monty Pythonish, called "Pfe$ter, the
> Micro $oft Mole$ter," showing him doing strange things with bits of
> data as they flow through the computer.

Sort of an "educational" film, like "Data Flows Red on The Hard Disk?"


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