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From: Christopher Smith <csmith_at_amdocs.com>
Date: Mon Apr 22 11:01:56 2002

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> Which is why I use FreeBSD and Solaris. There also appears to be a
> certain Linux versus anything else attitude, including Linux vs. other
> UNIX-like, and UNIX flavors. It wasn't too long ago when most people
> who wrote free software for *NIX systems made an attempt to make it as
> portable as possible, so that it could be compiled on most *NIX-like

I'm not sure. I think that -- in my experience -- most people who write,
or have written, software for Unix, don't particularly care to test it
on multiple platforms.

Generally I try at least five or six with my own code, but I don't think
that's common. (For the curious: Linux Intel, NetBSD/SPARC, IRIX/MIPS,
HP/UX/HPPA, SunOS 4/SPARC, AT&T Unix/MC68k) ... and no, I have not so
far actually released anything. Mostly this is just stuff for my own use.

> platforms. Many of the Linux hackers, however, it appears, tend to
> write their software for Linux, and only Linux, systems, ignoring the

Perhaps that's all they've got, and they don't care to install anything
else? It's certainly their spare time, to do with as they please. Not
that I'm saying it's the correct thing to do, but I won't automatically
fault them for it.

> fact that they wouldn't have their Linux software to play with if
> other *NIX hackers hadn't written portable code. For example, the
> Free Software Foundation from which Linux snatched most of it's
> utility programs, etc.

GNU software is often incredibly portable, but I blame this on the
fact that the code is ported by other individuals than those who
wrote it.

At any rate, this is getting even further off-topic.


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