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From: Ben Franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Mon Apr 22 11:58:52 2002

Raymond Moyers wrote:
  (unix plumbing)
The problem with unix it never really found a clean way
to go from a line oriented system to a video screen system.
Allmost 99% of unix is based on the main frame model of computing
where you have 50 people all say text editing with the same editor
and 3 people running a program in the background. The windows model
is based on personal computers with crappy hardware that you have 100%
of the system to yourself.
I would like to see a 3rd system, one where the concept of information
can be shared and that gives you a standard toolkit for both character
and bitmaped displays that will permit plumbing from everybody.I use a
640x480 screen because I can read the text.I don't need ICON's that fill
80% of the screen or thousands of pop up windows. I want to use a
not playwith it.

> But what makes it really powerfull is that they plumb together
> Its like attempting to explain the shuttle nosewhell servos
> to a cave man, they have no frame of reference, and are
> too ignorant to have any hint of how ignorant they are.

Well maybe if they (the shuttle people) asked the
Caveman in the first place you might have a better Space Program.
Anyway for all the people that think Caveman had a big club, and
hairy body and where chased by dinosaurs -- read "Clan of the Cavebear"
by Jean M. Auel for what real cave life could have been like.

PS. A few days ago somebody spoke about a construction company
that uses VW bugs for transport and tanks for welding. When you think
about it that is the model one needs for construction in space.
reusable space transport (space plane) is offhand 10x the cost and 1/10
the payload of air transport. Because a two stage vehical is needed
the what you can put in BUG ( 500..2000 LB's) seems to the typical
payload. Nobody asked me!!

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